From My Clients

"Thank you for seeing me yesterday!  You're the best counselor I have ever had, and I believe you have a true gift.  I appreciate the investment you are making in my healing (even though I know it is a therapeutic relationship, it is one that I am incredibly grateful for and will be such a big part of my story overall)."    

"Dr. Nelson made me feel very comfortable and she is very sincere."   


"I was given Dr. Nelson's name by a friend, who is a nurse. I was suffering from depression and alcoholism not to mention the aftermath of an abusive previous marriage. Dr. Nelson is different from other therapists I had used. She really listened to me and most important she actually talked with me, asking important questions and giving me her thoughts on what I was dealing with. I could say absolutely anything to her without judgment and I truly was eager for my weekly appointments! I cried and laughed with her and today I consider her a dear friend. She goes beyond the role of a typical therapist….I think of her as a healer. Today I am free of my depression, one year sober and rarely think of my ex-husband, and if I do I laugh out loud! I have recommended her to several women and have sent a family member to her. Dr. Nelson is a professional, wise, loving and beautiful person. I am very lucky to have found her!" 

"I appreciate your help in strengthening our family relationship.  You are a blessing."  

"Thank you for seeing me yesterday. I found the session extremely helpful in identifying some of my issues and I look forward to further sessions with you."

"From the very beginning, it was evident that Dr. Nelson is truly passionate about her work and takes a genuine interest in her patient's needs. Because children are usually very perceptive, both of my boys immediately felt that she had a genuine interest to help them, and therefore are able to speak with her freely; unguarded about whatever issues they are facing."

"What I like most about Dr. Nelson's approach is that she always asks the right questions during a therapy session. Through her direction along with the dialogue that takes place, everyone participating is able to not only express their feelings, but also is able to truly gain a better understanding of what the other person(s) is feeling and why."

"Again thank you for your flexibility and support. I have already begun the healing process. A great deal of my opening myself up to this process is your compassion as a person Dr. Nelson."    

"I am doing terrific physically and mentally, in a large part due to your kindness and expertise!!!"

"We appreciate you and all of the help given to us thus far!!!" 

"My son said that he had a good session with you and he felt like you would be a good match for him." 

"Thank you so much for meeting my daughter and I this week.   She felt very comfortable with you.  She already stated that you were very helpful during the first visit."    

"The results of working with Dr. Nelson have been great!  I've seen a lot of growth in how my boys deal with their emotions in certain situations.  Of course, that growth doesn’t happen overnight…so you have to be patient in knowing that therapy is a process. There are times when I (as a parent) have to reinforce or give reminders as to what suggestions Dr. Nelson has given during a previous session. In most instances, they are receptive and are able reflect on their behavior and move on in a positive way (which is awesome)."

"I have recommended Dr. Nelson to friends, etc. and will continue to do so.